Contract For Service

Kings UK Contract Services was established by the Managing Director in 2002. He has a clear vision to deliver quality projects and services to all who engage with the company. Our staffs have worked hard to deliver that vision. We can help companies by agreeing a ‘Contract for Service’where we deliver a quality service at a competitive price. The host company contracts out their function or services to Kings UK.
The mechanism is Kings UK Limited agrees a contract with a client Company and that Company contracts out a project or part of a company’s functions to Kings UK. We will be happy to visit you and discuss your companies’ requirements. Once the Project Specification has been drawn up and agreed we shall calculate the costs for the project. The two parties sign the final contract and agree a commencement date. To help with your company’s cash flow, we normally invoice the agreed project costs on a monthly base.
We take on many projects from running a Dairy Unit to Horse Breeding Stables. Kings UK has or is in the process of developing contract in the following industries:-

  • Dairy Farms
  • Equine Industry
  • Agricultuer and arable
  • General Recruitment

One of the advantages in agreeing a Contract for Service with us is we take out the whole pain of sourcing and employing staff and related Human Resource Issues. We retain full control of staff duties, function and outcomes.
We at Kings UK Contract Services pride ourselves in our workforce. It is a result of their efforts that your requirements are being or will be met. Our dedicated team of specialists see it as their task to make your life simpler.

Whilst it is our objective to provide you with as many direct services as possible, we realise this is only as a result of confidence building between you and our team. We look forward to working with you.
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Dairy Farms:


Kings UK offer the following Contract for Service:-

  • Running the Milking Parlour
  • Care of Calves to reduce Calf Mortality
  • Specialist Animal feed
  • Engineering Service Contract for care and maintenance the Milking Parlour
  • Artificial Insemination (AI)
  • Dairy Cattle Hoof Trimming

Equine Industry


Kings UK offer the following Contract for Service:-

  • Managing an Equine Stud and breeding programmes.
  • To deliver an adequate quality and quantity of hay and feed.
  • Manage the veterinary Services for the Stud farm
  • To implement a pre-training programme.
  • To deliver a Training Programme for Thoroughbred horses.